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Sanibits® anti-microbial headphone

MSupport International BV have launched a disposable anti-microbial patient headphone. 

"More than 3.2 million cases of Hospital Acquired Infections occur each year in the European Union and European Economic Area (EU/EEA) which result in over 91.000 deaths.”

Sanibits® patient head phones contribute to battling the transference of bacteria, viruses and moulds in the hospital environment. Hospital acquired infections like MRSA amount to a cost of €7 billion per year in the EU and cause unmeasured suffering.

Many hospitals provide bedside entertainment for patients in the form of music and television and make available a disposable headphone.

Sanibits® is the first disposable anti-microbial patient headphone on the market. All exposed parts, including cable and plug are anti-bacterial and help in preventing cross contamination of infectious organisms.

In the DACH countries Sanibits® is distributed by Diagramm Halbach GmbH & Co. Kg. In The Netherlands the anti-microbial patient headphone is distributed by Meetpapier BV.

MSupport International BV is actively looking for distributors in other countries.

For more information please contact Babs Mertens babs@bits4tours.com