About us

For more than 25 years MSupport has been active in supplying products and services to the sightseeing industry. In later years we have also focussed on hospitals.

Our enthusiastic team supplies earphones and headphones in large numbers throughout the world. At the moment we have customers in 23 different countries whom we assist in all aspects of the logistic process.

Our products are normally used only a short time and we make efforts to have the product materials re-used. For this purpose we have recycling registrations in many different European countries.

We also support initiatives for reconditioning the headphones so they can be used again.

Even though our disposable products are low cost items, they are by no means generic. In order to distinguish our products from other suppliers, we branded our products "BITS".

Our purchasing department in China performs stringent checks on the manufacturing process and labour conditions allowing us to provide you with an ethical and quality consistent product.